17 tips for great copywriting

1) Write with your eraser

You get 100 bucks for every word you rub out from your title:

Value-based messaging

2) Don’t exaggerate

An honest line always feels warmer:

Value-based messaging

3) No one cares what you can do

Everyone cares what you can do for them.

Value-based messaging

4) Avoid the passive voice

It’s indirect and awkward:

Value-based messaging

5) Don’t kill your personality

The best brands feel “real”:

Value-based messaging

6) Avoid “landing page words”

Unlockunleashenhanceexceedempowersupercharge, etc.

Real people don’t use them.

Value-based messaging

7) Find the tension

“Pleasant” gets forgotten. Conflict creates interest:

Value-based messaging

8) Write how you talk

Casual. Colloquial. Full of pronouns:

Value-based messaging

9) Avoid “contained” titles

Write something that pulls your reader down your page:

Value-based messaging

10) Write scannable copy

Formatting matters:

Value-based messaging

11) Stories make you memorable

I couldn’t list The Ten Commandments. I could tell you what happened to Adam and Eve:

Value-based messaging

12) More periods, fewer commas.

Periods mean short sentences. We like short sentences.

Commas mean long, painful sentences, like this one, which New Yorker writers think are clever, but real people find torturous, because they wind on and on without actually saying anything.

h/t David Perell

13) Kill adverbs. Kill adjectives.

They’re flowery. They’re vague. They try too hard:

Value-based messaging

14) Think slippery slide

Every line of copy should lead to the next.

Watch this ad. You won’t be able to stop:

15) Fence sitters don’t buy

Go to the edge:

Value-based messaging

16) Your first line is crucial

If people don’t read it, they’re not going to read your second line either.

Keep it short:

Value-based messaging

17) Copywriting is selling

Don’t romanticize it. The goal isn’t to be clever or cute.

The goal is to inspire action:

Value-based messaging

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