3 point storytelling formula

So many folks say “storytelling” is a must these days, but few have practical understanding of what that actually means. Here’s a good storytelling framework with a 3-point formula:

1. What is something that is happening in the world right now? An unstoppable train that’s arrived and keeps on going, something that is already happening whether you like it or not. The change is already here, and you need to do something about it.

2. Agitate on the problem. What kind of changes have already taken place? What’s about to change even more?

3. Solution. What should one do to avoid impending doom? What’s the way to not only cope in with this new reality, but to thrive in it?

Use this storyline on your website. You use this storyline in your ads, your marketing emails, it’s what you speak about at conference, shout about on social.

Example: Drift is saying forms suck. Nobody wants forms anymore. It’s so 2007. New tech is here! Chatsbots to save the day. Close more leads with conversational marketing.

Before you tell your story, you should have a good understanding of your brand tone of voice. But be braver than most. Generic/vanilla safe language aint gonna cut it. Be more radical. Maybe exaggarate your stance. Or people won’t notice you *have* a particular tone.


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