Get more customers by adding a “Contact Sales” page.

Some customers need more handholding than a self-serve model can provide. If you’ve got a bottom-up B2B SaaS, add a “Contact Sales” page to determine whether you should add sales into the mix.

Self-serve has a lot of benefits but most bottom-up B2B companies will eventually add a sales team. And for good reason. You can land bigger deals, add legitimacy (decreasing customer acquisition costs), and boost self-serve conversions. But before you go all-in with sales, test it out by adding a “Contact Sales” page and adding it to your website’s menu where it’s visible to self-serve leads. This should help you convert leads that otherwise might have bounced. And more importantly, you’ll get a feel for whether it’s the right time to dedicate someone to sales. For every inquiry, there are probably many others who didn’t reach out, so even one or two inquiries per week can indicate a need for sales.

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