Here are the 5 culprits that are killing your profits and prospects:

  1. There’s a Story Problem: There’s no coherent storyline for the product or service that effortlessly explains the benefit to buy and the transformation after the purchase. Failure to have an effective story that compels, doesn’t sell.
  2. There’s a Branding Problem: Many companies have logos, colors, fonts and a visual aesthetic that fails to appeal and affirm value to their customers. Where there is no value, there also is no sales.
  3. There’s a Rapport Problem: Customers aren’t reading as much anymore and they are overwhelmed by options. If you’re lacking video in your marketing, you’re losing money.
  4. There’s a Value Problem: What you sell, how it is sold and, how it is presented doesn’t prove the value to your perfect customers. That misalignment is costing you sales.
  5. There’s a Strategy Problem: Many businesses have great products and services but fail to effectively execute their marketing. They do things without a master vision, strategy and ability to execute. Without knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, you’ll get nowhere.

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