How to Sell + Some Practical Tips

How to get more leads from your “contact us” section:
1/ Contextualise header copy
2/ Use a real persons face and email
3/ Be specific with your availability
Drifts landing page
My sales email template
Back in the day, I worked for a co-working company. I wrote them this cold email which we sent to London freelancers. Worked a treat.
Drifts landing page
Three tricks to persuade people to buy the higher tier
1) Create a hierarchy
2) Offer a more compelling discount
3) Use tier names to set expectations
Drifts landing page
4) How to self promote in comments
Drifts landing page
5) Think “Call-to-value” not “Call-to-action”
Buttons which amplify action over value usually perform better
Drifts landing page

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