My favorite books on Marketing for Marketers and Analysts.

1. Misbehaving by Richard H. ThalerIt turns on people are weird. And, imperfect. :)The book made me appreciate at a deeper level the role of psychology in how humans make decisions. Mr. Thaler, Nobel recipient, helps unpack the rationality and irrationality of human beings and does so in an incredibly accessible manner.The best Marketers and Analysts can see the real world, not just the data (incomplete and sparse) or theories (I feel!). Mr. Thaler will bring a bunch of wait, omg, that’s obvious to you (but, it is not obvious), and a whole bunch that’ll challenge how you think.2. The Undoing Project by Michael LewisI adore Mr. Lewis.I’ve read every book he’s written, every article he’s published, and heard a whole bunch of interviews. I’m likely the 67th person to tell you he is an exceptionally gifted storyteller.In an adjacent type of way to Mr. Thaler’s book, Mr. Lewis explores the world of behavioral finance through the story of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. In addition to learning about that space, this is a book about working together, filling gaps, and human psychology.After you finish this book, you’ll enjoy, nay, love, Thinking Fast and Slow – a book I cannot say enough good things about.3. Influence by Robert B. CialdiniIf you feel you are not getting ahead in your career, not winning more arguments with your spouse, and can’t get your kids to do their homework while we are all WFHing… It comes down to one word: Influence.Mr. Cialdini in his own inimitable way helps explain why people say yes. And, with our Marketing and our data analysis what is it that we want to hear the most, yes!The book shares six principles: Reciprocity. Scarcity. Authority. Consistency. Liking. Consensus.It seems silly but the first one entirely changed how I execute big chunks of my professional career.4. How Brands Become Icons by Douglas B. HoltAlmost all brand marketing you’ll engage with today sucks, but when it works oh boy, oh boy, oh boy is it magical (and a magnificent competitive advantage).The book is a great collection of stories about what it takes to be authentic (that mythical quest!) and resonate with humans over time (that last bit is key – many brands achieve initial success accidentally, maintaining it was not an accident).Not every brand Mr. Holt talks about survives today as well as you might expect, and there is no such thing as a universal brand resonance formula. But, as you explore and internalize the case studies, it is likely that you’ll end up finding a groove that’ll fit your brand perfectly.I also took away lessons for my personal brand – you are thinking about this less than you should.5. Fooled by Randomness by Nassim TalebPeople are annoyed by how frequently I recommend this as the best book on analytical thinking.Mr. Taleb is an interesting man, it shines through the tone and texture of his writing. He covers how “survivors” cloud our judgment, opportunity sets, opacity, probability, human error, and more. The book will end up ratcheting up your curiosity quotient anytime you look at data or a “success story.”If you end up loving this book, both Black Swan and Antifragile are exceptional.

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