Remove high-friction words from your button copy to increase conversions

Remove high-friction words from your button copy to increase conversions.

The copy on your site’s buttons might be the reason that people are bouncing instead of converting. Make sure each button is optimized for conversions by replacing high-friction words with terms signaling a low time investment.

In your button copy, it’s important to keep friction low by using words that describe what people want to do; not what they have to do. The worst words for conversion are those which imply that the user will have to give something up (e.g. time or money) — words like “buy”, “sign up”, or “complete”. Then there are words that indicate a loss, but also a reward, like “join”, “find”, and “earn”. Those are better, but still not optimal. If possible, replace these friction words with words like “get”, “discover”, and “reveal” that imply less work on the user’s end. For example, one B2B company got a 38% lift in conversions just by changing their button from “Order information” to “Get information.” If for some reason a problematic word can’t be replaced, it sometimes helps to lead with a benefit, even if it means adding a few words. And either way, make sure to A/B test.

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