The future of marketing and business

Interruption marketing is on its way out. There’s no way around it.

It’s gonna remain game giants like P&G, or well-funded startups are gonna play (that don’t need the campaigns to be profitable for years).

If you look at the last 10 years, ad effectiveness has been in constant decline. CPC keeps going up while CTR keeps going down. Email capture conversion rates with popups were around 10% ~5 years ago, now 1% is good.

Browser privacy will continue to become more intense (ITP), and soon we’ll live in a cookieless world where we can’t track email open rates either (starting at Hey, mainstream after that).

The stuff that Seth Godin was preaching some 20 years ago (Permission Marketing, Purple Cow) is gonna be the way, and the only way for all but the richest.

You need to earn trust, and with that comes attention (and long attention spans). To build a sustainable business, you need to actually matter to the people.

You need to focus on every single person, and make sure they achieve their goals as word of mouth will be more important than ever before.

You need a brand in the mind of a customer, and represent a set of values, a point of view. None of these changes will happen overnight, but you better start optimizing your business for this now.

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