Why you should avoid generic brand names

“What if Tesla was called ‘Electric Car Company,’ would they have the same success? Would Nike have the same kind of brand if it was called ‘Athletic Apparel Co’?

Seems funny, yet this is what so many companies do. SEO companies called ‘Search Engine Consultants,’ HR training companies called ‘HR Training Inc’ and so on. 

My experience has shown me that as long as you go with a generic brand name, you will most likely never obtain the marketing results you’re looking for.

As a name, a literal/descriptive name automatically positions the offering in a mundane unflattering, generic, easy-to-forget way. So, all your marketing after the name has to overcome an initial, commonplace perception. In short, it’s a weak brand name and since the brand names serve as the foundation to all the marketing tools, tactics, and investment, it greatly limits how high you can build.

Avoid a literal/descriptive phrase for what you’re offering, it’s another form of generic branding. If you do it, whether you mean to or not, you’re positioning your offering as a generic solution and generic brands are easy to forget. Of course, there’s *a lot* more of what you can do to accomplish your business goals, but a brand name that is fully literal/descriptive is a considerable marketing handicap.”

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